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What a perfect day this was! I can’t tell you (okay I’ll try) how much I loved this wedding. Whitehall Columbia is an amazingly gorgeous venue and I loved everything about it! My friend Trish helped me with this wedding and we were both drooling over the simplistic details and unique character of the venue. We learned it used to be an elementary school that they redid. Such a cool idea!

Lonee was so beautiful in her simple gown. The lace on the top was so unique and just the right amount of pretty. I’m sure she would have looked beautiful in just about anything but the simple, non-loud dress looked amazing on her. Plus who doesn’t love a dress that takes two seconds to put on. Zip it up and you’re set! Ethan also looked snazzy in his tux. Ethan is good buddies with my younger brother Garren and so Ethan was always over our house doing crazy things. Lots of funny memories with Garren and his friends that I will refrain from sharing. I can’t believe Ethan is married now because that makes me feel very old. My brother and his wife just celebrated their first anniversary….goodness I’m old! Life doesn’t slow down that is for sure. I’m so glad Lonee + Ethan chose me to capture their day because I had a lot of fun. They are so laid back and trusted me completely with my vision of where we should do wedding photos.

Two unique things that made this day one for the books: They were introduced at the reception in their Cavs Championship tshirts!!! It was awesome! I’m so glad I got a few pics of them beforehand. What better way to celebrate after a championship than to get married at the end of the week?? The second reason I loved this wedding is because the ceremony was UNPLUGGED. The pastor made a simple announcement at the beginning and everyone kept their phones in their purses and pockets. Lonee + Ethan wanted their guests to enjoy the ceremony in the moment and let me handle the photographs. This was amazing and absolutely worth it! Not a phone in the aisle (except for Lonee’s grandma being Facetime’d in since she couldn’t attend). Future brides of mine, please consider this! Not one person was mad or made a fuss about it!

Dinner and dancing was fun and to make it even better, they had donuts instead of cake. YES. Donuts! Not gonna lie I wanted to eat more than one but I didn’t! Their caterers were great too! Yummy BBQ and they treated me like family. Can’t ask for anything better.

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